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Big goals - tiny steps.

Feeling inspired is a bloody gorgeous place to be. It’s a beautiful source of positive energy.

I’m a student of Rich Litvin, whose coaching style I really admire. More than that, I find him inspiring - I always get fired up listening to him. At last week’s Outrageous October webinar, he drew up a really interesting, yet simple goal concept, called A Dance of Dreams and Steps. It’s so simple and yet makes utter sense.

Imagine for yourself your wild, juicy, beautiful, big (or small) goal – allow yourself to dream. Go on, do it right now! And then just start taking tiny, tiny steps towards it.

I always thought big dreams had to be followed by big steps/big action, but no, no, no. All you have to do is get started, no matter how small your steps are. The thing is that as soon as you start taking steps toward your goal, you are on your way. You start feeling the buzz of excitement in your gut, by making that first move, even if it’s just buying new socks to start exercising or a notepad to take notes on or placing a phone call to make an enquiry. Small steps taken in the right direction will make a difference in the long run.

Send me a PM for info on my new 8 session coaching program, which includes proven techniques on releasing limiting beliefs, finding your personal WHY, increasing your self-awareness and overcoming procrastination.

The most important thing is your dream and for goodness sake, don’t make it specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound, just bloody dream. If it has to fit within all those parameters, it won’t be juicy, sexy, inspiring and interesting and it won’t be your unique dream. Make it wild and beautiful and something that wakes you up and turns you on!!!! Being on the right journey is 100X more important than taking big steps. Being on any juicy journey in the first place is also more likely to make you feel alive.

Want to feel alive? Of course you do!

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