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Breaking through your inner glass ceiling.

This is exactly where I’m at right now. I am stretching and then releasing. I’m pushing on and then stopping to just breathe. I’m reaching, only to see how far I still have to go. It feels incredibly hard. Yet from the outside, I’m sure you can’t even see any change. Most of the time it also feels like I am getting nowhere. But that is what inner transformation is. It’s that desire to reach higher but going against one’s self-concept. It’s when we are stretching into someone or something we don’t entirely identify with. Yet.

At the same time we can visualize ourselves there and we are yearning to be there. We can see it, yet we can’t quite reach it. It is incredibly hard and often we give up, but with a coach supporting you, you can absolutely go there.

I have a coach who helps me go there and I have wonderful clients who absolutely help me grow as well and to you all, I thank you. I f******g LOVE coaching.

And to you, my next client: Don’t you dare let something hold you back from your dreams. If there is something quietly tugging at you, let’s have a chat and get curious and explore and get clarity and find your why. And undergo an absolute ton of learning while you’re at it. Call me.

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