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I got some coaching yesterday.

I was coached the other day. I was coached by someone I hold in very high regard. Alyssa Nobriga. Find her on Instagram, she’s awesome. I attended one of her seminars and there was a Q&A session afterwards. I felt insanely lucky to have the opportunity to have a chat with her.

Anyhow, I talked about a block I had. A money block. So many of us have a money block in some way, shape or form. This one for me was embarrassment. Alyssa asked the right question and this is what it revealed: I am literally embarrassed at how much I am willing to spend to become the greatest coach I can be. I fucking love coaching, if you’ll excuse me.

So, we talked about another time when I was embarrassed. I had to think. Oh yeah, that time in school when I was embarrassed, that one came back to me. And we then invited that part of me to come along on the journey ahead. She can still be a part of me, that little one who was embarrassed many years ago.

And here is the insight I really got from that: I don’t have to ditch, deny, ignore or bury any part of me as I move forward and grow and develop. I realised I thought I did. Subconsciously. Part of me thought I had to change so much that I had to become a new person. But I don’t. (I mean, realistically, that is probably not….. realistic anyway!) So, I can grow and develop to my heart’s content and still be me. How awesome is that!?!

It’s ‘parts work’. When part of you wants something, but another part of you is scared of pursuing it. You have to honour both parts. And bring both parts forward with you on the journey. That way, you get to be complete. A whole person. Neat, eh?

So guess what I’m incorporating in my coaching now? Hell yeah, parts work, so my clients can be supported to honour themselves fully and wholly.

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