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Is your self-concept holding you back?

“Research shows that the self-concept of the majority of females does not match their actual possibilities.”

Words by Dr Claire Zammit, founder of The Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, that are based on her doctoral research.

In other words, how well women do in life is strongly connected to our self-concept - how we perceive ourselves.

So, when we are trying to pursue something in life that effectively changes us (because personal growth is change after all), our self concept can actually hold us back.

For instance, take a really common example: A woman goes on a diet, she loses weight but doesn’t stay at that weight for very long before she puts the weight on again. Or never even loses weight in the first place. This could be due to her self-concept. She simply doesn’t perceive herself/identify as a slim person, so being slim is messing with her self-concept. It’s messing with her mindset. She starts unconsciously self-sabotaging her goals.

It's very hard to create better health results on top of a self-concept that you are not healthy.

It's very hard to create a better work-life balance on top of a belief that in order to be successful, you must work very hard.

It's very hard to create wealth on top of a belief that you are not worth it.

It's very hard to advance your career on top of a belief that you are not intelligent.

This the kind of work I focus on and it’s infinitely rewarding. To sit in front of a woman for whom it slowly dawns that she is fully capable of pursuing her dream, is priceless.

What is the dream you are not pursuing, do not dare pursue or even admit that you would like to pursue? Have a free curiosity call with me and let’s find out what you can achieve.

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