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Know your boundaries.

As I develop my coaching program around nurturing the most important relationship in our lives, I realise it will be a work-in-progress for a long time. I keep finding new material and gaining insights and feedback.

One of the things that women can be typically not so good at is setting boundaries. This could be setting boundaries as to how available you are to someone, how many hours you are willing to put in at work, or how long you allow someone to stay in your life, when it feels like they drain your energy bank, rather than top it up.

Be true to yourself. You’ll probably get a nudge from your sub-conscious when you’re not really able to honour the sacred nature of who you are. Listen to that nudge.

What is someone else potentially learning from you when you say yes without meaning it? Making a stand for yourself also empowers others to make a stand for themselves.

Finding the courage to say no requires first being clear about what it is you want to say yes to. Work with a coach to gain deep clarity on what is important to you.  

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