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Let's find your sweet spot.

As your coach, I’m as excited as you are about you achieving your goal. If you’re super excited for pursuing that something, then so am I.

The other way around too – if I sense you’re not really excited about it, then we’re not done.

Because we obviously haven’t found that sweet spot, the one that gets you fired up when we shine a light on it. When I see or hear you being excited about the next step you’re going to take, then I know we’re getting there. You’ll be talking about how excited you feel and you’ll start moving around in your seat and your face will light up.

What’s the change you want to bring about in your life, that would make you feel like that? What's the knot inside you want to untie? If you’re not sure what that something is, call me for a free chat on 021 369 430 where I can help you identify that unique something and you can then decide how much light you want to shine on it.

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