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My coach approach.

I was asked recently to describe my coaching approach.

There is obviously more than one way to lead a client through a coaching session. One way is the more structured, sequential process. This is a more linear process that is broken into steps and focuses on identifying actions and involves a system of accountability. This is perfect for clients who prefer that kind of thinking style themselves and who have the type of goals that benefit from this more linear approach.

The approach I focus on is more flexible to what the client brings on the day. Often what the client brings to the coaching session is not the underlying issue they need to look at. If there are beliefs, fears and thinking patterns that are getting in the way of the individual moving forward – and isn’t this usually the reason people need to work with a coach – then we need to address those. I have a number of excellent tools and techniques I can pull out when needed and that are non-directive. It’s a dance. I ask questions that lead you to insight and impact and that promote reflection. And following that, you will know what action to take.

Don’t sign up if you want it to be comfortable – show up and make it insightful.

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