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I recently watched a recording of Maria Shriver interviewing William Shatner and other personalities on the topic of Positive Ageing. A topic I’m becoming increasingly interested in, well… as I age. It’s also something I would love to work with coaching clients on – a Positive Ageing Mindset. Ageing certainly has its challenges and at the same time, we are living longer. A key message from the interviews was: Try something new as often as you can. Say yes! Even small changes can set you on a new path and every time you try something new, you aredeveloping your brain. Try tasting a different food item today. Take a new route to the supermarket or try a new form of exercise, there are countless options out there. It literally helps form new neurons in our brains and helps us maintain brain function. As you might know, William Shatner recently went into space for the first time at the age of 90! He was scared out of his wits doing it but did it anyway and loved it.

I offer a coaching program that will support you to improve how you experience ageing and I would love to partner with you, if you want to enjoy this part of life more. If you are that person or you know someone who is, call me for a curiosity chat on 021 369 430 or email me on I’d love to hear from you.

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