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Should coaches be worried that AI will replace us?

 My opinion is Hell No, on the contrary.

In fact, I believe the coaching industry can be improved in two ways from this.

One: If AI can support humans with well-being, personal growth and self-reflection, then that is only a positive for humans. There is an ever-growing need for us to prioritise our well-being DAILY. We also need to focus on personal growth in order to cope with the increased rate of change in today’s world or even just to cope with the world, full stop. And basic self-reflection, yep, you can find multiple resources online to assist with that already.

However, only a masterful coach can hold up the mirror to you in such a way that you feel fully supported to look into that mirror with self-compassion and see what you need to see. Only a masterful coach will listen and hear what you’re NOT saying or hear the OTHER meaning your words can have or indeed what your words are hiding. Only a masterful coach can use intuition. Only a masterful coach can interpret your feelings or help you do so. Only with a masterful coach will you ever feel that you are held in a safe space where you are supported to explore your deep inner self.

Two: If AI can support humans with well-being, personal growth and self-reflection, that will force coaches to be better. It will force us to provide insight, impact and learning at the next level. It will make solid coach training more important and valued. It will highlight that there are mind-shifts that only coaching can truly provide. All this in turn will only add further credibility to the coaching industry and perhaps even make it become regulated.

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