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Tarot reading.

I pulled ‘The Tower’ in a tarot card readingearly this year. My lovely niece did the reading and explained gently that this could mean a huge change was coming and it might not be fun! Well, we’re at the end of the year now and change has indeed taken place. I left my secure job with DGC in June and by November was setting up my new coaching business. I was sooooo ready for a change and going from employee to entrepreneur in a few months, certainly delivered that change. I am obviously still at the early stages of building this new career/business, but the ball is well and truly rolling and it would take an even bigger upheaval to stop it now. If this is the level of change you are looking to make in your life over the next year, I will be able to help you with that, as I can relate to what you’re going through.

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