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The revealing power of asking broad questions.

When we have difficulty progressing a goal or we’ve come up against an obstacle, or we haven’t even made a start on achieving that something, it’s often because we’re still looking at it with the same set of eyes.

Partnering with a coach with no vested interestin the outcome, no agenda or opinion and no knowledge about the potential ‘elephant in the room’, means the issue can be looked at from a whole different angle. Broad questions that open up a different way of thinking in an environment where it’s safe for you to explore. Questions that make it easier to push past biases and venture into uncharted territory. Questions that take you out of the mold you’re in and expand your horizon. It becomes exciting to find these possibilities that are at the same time totally your own ideas, because all the coach did was ask you the right question. What is the question that will make your heart beat faster?

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