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What can you let go of in 2024?

At this time of year, we see plenty of posts asking us what we want to focus on in the coming year. And I do agree with the concept, I have always been one for making new year resolutions. (And yes, I have to admit, keeping them has been another matter! 😊) But I actually love having something new, exciting and positive to keep me focused for months and months. However, one post I read the other day that really struck a chord with me, was this: What can you let go of in 2024? That question was so freeing, liberating and opening up for me. Rather than trying to add something to my daily routines, fill my diary with another activity or get more busy with another achievement, I could actually think about what is no longer serving me and let go of it!! I felt excitement building up inside! Opening up space for what really matters. Like clearing away the clutter. Re-evaluating my priorities. Moving on.

There is a great coaching conversation to be had on this topic. If you’re feeling like your life is too packed but can’t see how you can create breathing space – talk to a coach. Even more so – if there is something less tangible you want or need to move on from, have a conversation with a coach, who can help you find out why you haven’t let go of it yet…

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