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What do you want to get from a coaching session? What learning, insight, feeling?

I keep gaining further insight into how powerful this question is when asked at the beginning of the coaching session. It sets the client up for success, because before we even get started, they are beginning to imagine what success will look like at the end. Also, when the client then puts it into words, it helps really clarify, even to them, what it is they want. After the coach has asked a few more questions about it, we will then have specified it even further, clarified what it’s not and we’ll know how achieving it will make them feel. Bringing this want, desire or goal so fully into the light, is a huge part of the client finding out how to achieve it. It should be something so aligned with who you are and your values, that you get excited just thinking about it. And the best part is that it can be so uniquely yours. 100%. I mean, think about it, who else do you have in your life, who would support you with anything you want to do, no matter what it is, in a fully non-judgmental way?

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