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What does courage mean to you?

Sometimes there is reluctance for women to face what is lurking inside, you know, that little pocket of something that is inside of you and that you’re avoiding. You don’t know what it is. It’s been there for a while. You worry it could be something large. Something powerful. Something surprising. Something negative. Something that would require you to deal with it. Unless you just keep ignoring it, that is.

But what if that something is a part of you that is just waiting? Waiting for you to be ready to connect with it? Waiting patiently. Waiting to connect with you at a deep level and be a source of courage and inspiration for you? What if it was your best friend ever and a source of courage? What if? Just imagine what you might do…..

And then how would you feel once that part of you merged with the rest and you got to feel complete in a whole new way?

Come and explore this sort of juicy stuff with me in a fully safe and supportive environment.

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