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What is that thing you’re not doing, so that you can avoid the critic?

I heard this in a Brene Brown podcast a couple of days ago and what a gold nugget it is! Have you asked yourself this lately?

For me it’s writing posts just like this one and then, lo and behold, actually posting it on social media!! I find it scary to be seen like this, I am an introvert after all, and I might also awaken the giant invisible critic! However, it has become a bit of a journey for me by now, as the benefits are starting to emerge. I’m connecting with more people, which is helping me market and brand myself as a mindset coach and I’m developing my writing skills. So, looking a challenge straight in the eye and taking a step forward anyway, may just give us benefits beyond what we imagined. It makes us feel stronger and gives us confidence – in other words, it’s empowering and that’s exactly what coaching does for you. It supports you in silencing the critic, so that you can pursue your desires. To find out more, call me for a curiosity chat.

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