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What would be possible if you kept your word to yourself?

Just think about it, it’sthat something you want to make a solid, automatic part of what you do, who you are. A few tips on making it happen:

1.      Write down your intention every morning by hand. This forces the brain to mentally engage with the information and you’llbe putting it at the front of your mind.

2.      Identify how it will make you FEEL to achieve this. It’s this feeling that will keep you motivated.

3.      Get someone to help you stay accountable, without them even having to know what you’re up to. Just ask if you can textthem once a day with a single word – “Nailed it” or “Achieved”. It might even rub off on them.

4.      Are you driven by reward or punishment? How will you reward yourself when you nail it or what will you have to do if youdon’t nail it. Daily? Weekly?

5.      If you miss a day, forgive yourself, and pick up again the day after.

6.      If you keep missing, it might be self-sabotage, so ask yourself why that might be.

7.      For everything else, see a mindset coach. #coachingcanhelpwiththis

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