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You don’t need a coach. No one does.

Coaching is something you want. And want what you want for heaven’s sake!

When there is something you want to create for yourself in this world, but the idea of pursuing it scares you a bit, that is when you are ready for coaching. A coach will walk alongside you while you create this something, while you bring it to life. While you become more you.

A great coach will be really curious about your thing and ask questions that are enlightening even for you and that will help bring your thing forward, into clarity.

Like what will it cost you to not pursue this thing? Your sense of purpose, your sense of achievement, your sense of peace?

And we will find out the real reason you haven’t pursued it yet, cause it’s hardly ever what you think it is!

Wouldn’t it be neat to have someone to tell the truth to? Someone who just totally listens, with no judgment but with real curiosity?

What is your ‘thing’? Go stand in front of your mirror right now and tell yourself what it is. And then tell yourself why you’re not pursuing it. I’d be super curious to hear what comes up for you…

Let’s rock your world one tiny movement at a time.

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