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You know you’re doing fine, but do you have that hunger for better, like I do?

I’m not even necessarily talking about change. I’m thinking that I’ve got a good thing going in my life and I want more of it.

·       For instance, I’ve been a health freak for forever, so I’ve always opted for the healthy food options, but lately I’ve made the decision that I can do even better. (I have a cholesterol issue I want to beat.)

·       I have always exercised, so I’m relatively fit for my age, but I keep getting even older (lucky me!) and have recently had my belief confirmed that building muscle is ever more important the older we get, so I’m going there.

·       I’m relatively organized, but it’s not my strongest point, so I’m taking a free online class in how to schedule my time better. This will help me, among many other things, reach my diet and fitness goals.

So when I talk about how coaching can help you with your goals, we’re not necessarily needing to walk away from anything in favour of something else. We don’t need to throw anything in the garbage and go out to buy a new one. It can be a tweak or adjustment to something that is already good in your life and you decide: “I want more of that!”

It’s just that that top 20% is harder to reach, requires more commitment, and benefits from you having a partner in your corner who helps you go there. A coach can be that partner, who helps you see that improvement like it was lit up like a Christmas Tree and you get excited about going there.

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