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Marianna Pehrson - mindset coach

I partner with individuals to gain clarity on what they feel is missing in their lives, clear any limiting beliefs they have to achieveing it and to stay inspired in mind and body BEYOND their current beliefs. We do this through an inspiring conversation and a process where I support you to unveil your true best self and together, we figure out how you show up as that person. I hear you and I see you.

More about me

Im a nature-loving Dane, who immigrated to NZ in 1996 and I consider myself super-lucky to feel included in the kiwi culture. I have three adult children with my NZ-born Indian husband and with two large dogs thrown in, the house is never empty. I have a calm and reflective personality and put tremendous value in strong and positive relationships. I believe the foundation of life is good health, both physical and mental. The better health we’re in, the better and longer we can enjoy life, keep developing, be productive and show up for the people we love. What is more important?

My working career spans from Accounting, into Human Resources and across to Coaching. I developed a deep interest in coaching when I first tried it myself years ago and felt its transformative power. Today I see it as the most fulfilling and rewarding purpose to be supporting people making positive changes in their own lives. I’m an avid reader – I’m constantly finding new material on coaching/self-development/positive psychology, and I also love a good Scandinavian crime novel. What would I consider my ideal day? Tramping the NZ mountains with a good friend all morning, reading in the afternoon and finally a beautiful meal to share with friends and family at night.



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Exponential Coach Training

Accelerated Coaching Certification

Core Essentials Graduate, CoachU.

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