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Beach at Sunset

Something missing in your life?

Have you tried coaching?


I’m offering you my signature monthly coaching program:

Lead yourself

with compassion.

  • impact

  • self-awareness

  • insight

  • inspiration

Transformative Growth:

You experience a program backed by the teachings of master coaches.

Tailored to You

 My work is informed by the foundational principles of Woman-Centered Coaching taught by Claire Zammit and is designed to focus on unlocking higher potentials. 

Unbeatable Investment

At just $200 NZD per month, this is an opportunity to do something for yourself without breaking the bank.

Weekly or Fortnightly Sessions

We keep the momentum going to ensure it becomes irreversible – you make your desired changes and you never look back. 

You get to own this

I ask that you show up willing to do the inner work, be open to reflecting on your habits
and committed to the process. Bring that, and you will have a joyful ride!

How do we do this?

Discovering Your "Why" and Unveiling Your Core Values

Knowing your personal why, as well as knowing your values, will create a solid foundation for working towards your goals in the long term.

Clarifying Your Desired Outcome and Crafting a Clear Vision

We get crystal clear on your desired goal and I guide you through a vision exercise to amplify your intent.

Identifying and Dissolving Self-Sabotaging Patterns

Self-sabotage is a natural experience as you evolve because it keeps you in familiar patterns. You learn how to identify and start dissolving these patterns.

DeepDive into your Shadow Values

We continue to dive deep into your shadow values and identify which of your deepest values is fulfilled by pursuing this goal.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

I guide you through a unique process to release any belief that is no longer serving you.

Extracting Valuable Lessons from a Significant Event

We do an exercise where you retrieve the pearls of wisdom from a trapped emotion and turn them into valuable learnings.

Gaining Insights into Your Subconscious Mind

We unearth your subconscious thoughts about your goals through a guided exercise that you can continue to use beyond this program. It’s fun and usually starts an interesting conversation.

Overcoming Procrastination and Paving the Way to Success

Eliminate any form of procrastination and start a way of tracking your success that will keep you inspired.

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